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Here at the Right Hand Lead we try not to equivocate.   We like to give our reasons, with a minimum of ifs and buts.  With Kell Brook and Errol Spence there are many factors that could have a bearing on the outcome.  The weight of Kell Brook is probably the one that receives most mention.  After that is the inexperience of Errol Spence.  Yet, focusing on the fundamentals of prediction, by looking at what each fighter does and the traits he has exhibited in prior bouts, RHL believes Kell Brook is more likely to be the victor tonight.  The Brit has first rate footwork, which will serve him well against the relative flat-footedness of Spence, who plants his feet to throw power shots.  Brook will outmanoeuvre him and land more punches.  The second reason, is owing to Brook's ruggedness.  Spence has yet to visit the deck in his career but has been stiffened a handful of times, by lesser punchers than Well Brook.  Both men punch hard, but Brook is able to withstand punishment better, should he need to.  Look for Spence to get hurt, and Kell to stop him, either in the early or most likely half way point of the bout.  Look also for the KB uppercut, which could be an instrumental punch

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